Phantom 3 Drone | Facts, Tips and Resources

Phantom 3 Drone Facts, Tips and Resources


The New Phantom 3 Drone will be here soon!  It will be available in Advanced and Professional packages.  The evolution of this quadcopter that has engaged so many people continues.  Here are some facts and useful information to help you get pumped for the arrival of the Phantom 3 Drone:


What has Changed from the P2 to the P3:

  • New Lightbridge technology - Allows you to see clearly on your tablet or mobile device what the camera on the drone sees even when the drone is up to 1.2 miles away from the controller (nearly triple the range of the Phantom 2).
  • Stronger GPS capability - Locks on to satellites quicker, hoovers more precisely, and moves more accurately.
  • Upgraded DJI App - Quickly edit, create, and share video.  You can livestream your video over YouTube!  Full camera controls are available through the app as well as a flight log with video and pictures you take.  There is also a flight simulator that allows you to practice without taking your drone anywhere!
  • Vision Positioning - The Phantom 3 Drone can fly indoors, low to the ground, and in GPS free areas due to visual and ultrasonic sensors that scan the ground for patterns to enable it to identify its position more accurately.
  • The Camera - There are two different versions with two different cameras (see below for more details).  Both options take away unwanted distortion on wide aerial views.  The Advanced version offers some other small upgrades while Professional version is a 4K awesome camera!
  • The Price - It has come down!  The Advanced Model with a fantastic camera is $999!  The Professional Model with a super awesome camera is $1,259.  Either way you go, the consumer is winning on these new prices.

Advanced ($999) vs. Professional ($1,259):

The only difference is the camera.  The advanced camera is by no means a slouch.  It records video in 1080p at up to 60fps and captures 12 megapixel photos.  It as good of a camera as you will find anywhere near this price range...except for the one on the Professional Model!  The camera on the Professional model is a 4K camera that also captures 12 megapixel photos.  It is a camera worthy of a professional!

Other Features:

  • Worry Free Auto-Pilot - Auto Take off, auto return home and a fail safe feature that will return the drone to its starting point should it run low on battery or lose connection with the controller make flying less stressful.
  • Battery Indicators - You will know the status of your battery life in real time.




Full video of the Official release (start around 35 minute mark):