Accidental Damage Extended Warranty for Your Drone

Protect Your Investment

VH Drones has partnered with Consumer Priority Service (CPS) to offer our customers an accidental damage extended warranty. Most drones come with about a 6 month manufacturer's warranty which covers faulty parts but does not cover accidental damage from crashes. Some of our customers, particularly inexperienced fliers, worry about spending a significant amount of money on a drone and then losing it to a crash. This insurance can ease those fears. We at VH Drones want to give our customers clear, complete information about this insurance so they can make this decision. It is not our desire to sell insurance, it is our desire to have satisfied drone customers!

The CPS warranty will cover Drones you purchase from VH Drones. If you purchase a camera and gimbal from us with your drone it will cover that. However, if you purchase those things separately somewhere else, they will not be covered.

Protect yourself from crashes. Get an accidental damage extended warranty for your drone from VH Drones today!


Do I have to buy my drone from you to get this Warranty?

Of course we would prefer you to buy your drone from us. However, you can get the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty for a drone you purchased from another source.

What does the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover?

      The CPS Accidental Drone Warranty covers full parts and labor on all internal hardware failure, as well as Accidental Damage Protection from crashes, water damage, impact damage, etc.

      When does the Drone coverage plan start?

        Warranty coverage starts day 31 after your warranty purchase.

        What doesn’t the Accidental Drone Warranty cover?

          Lost or stolen products or accessories not included in the original box from the manufacturer are not covered.

          Does the Accidental Drone Warranty cover the camera or gimbal?

            Yes, if the camera or gimbal is included in the box from the manufacturer.

            Does the Accidental Drone Warranty cover general maintenance and calibration?

              No. If a customer would like general maintenance, they may contact CPS about sending it in for a discounted out of warranty service.

              Does the Drone Warranty cover the rechargeable battery?

                Batteries that fail due to water, impact or accidental damage are covered. Batteries that are not holding full charges due to normal usage are not covered.

                Are remote controls covered?

                  Yes. CPS will cover the remote control for malfunctions and accidental damage claims.

                  Is there a deductible?
                    Yes. The deductible is based on the purchase price of the drone. At the current time deductibles are:

                    Purchase Price Deductible
                    <$100 $35
                    $100-249.99 $50
                    $250-499.99 $75
                    $500-749.99 $100
                    $750-999.99 $150
                    $1000-2999.99 $200


                    $3500-4999.99 $500


                    How do I file claims?

                      • Online through their Client Care Account at
                      • By sending an email to
                      • By calling the CPS customer service department at 800-905-0443
                        Who pays for shipping to the service center at time of claim?
                          The customer is required to pay for shipping to and from the authorized service center.
                          Will the customer’s coverage continue after CPS repairs their drone?

                            Yes. The coverage will remain in place until the contract expires, or unless the drone is replaced under warranty.

                            How many claims can the customer file over the life of their warranty plan?

                              The customer can file unlimited claims on their product, but coverage will cap out once the repair costs reach the original purchase price of their product.

                              What happens if the Drone is beyond economical repair?

                                If CPS can’t fix it, they replace it.

                                Is the warranty transferable?

                                  The warranty is transferable between owners, not between products. Please note, a $25.00 transfer fee will apply.