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What makes the 3DR Solo Different?

    1. The thing that really differentiates the 3DR Solo from other drones is the camera.  All other major manufacturers have chosen to build their drones around their own cameras.  3DR decided to build the Solo around the GoPro camera platform and, thus, the Solo is integrated and fully compatible with the GoPro 3 and GoPro 4 cameras. GoPro is widely recognized as THE elite micro action camera in the industry.  So, for GoPro fans the Solo is a great option.

    2. You will find the controller to be different than that of other drones.  It is built like a video game controller.  The Solo is one, if not the simplest and most intuitive controllers on the market.  Even if you've never flown a drone before, if you've played video games then you will likely feel comfortable picking up the controller.

    3. The viewing screen is not included with the Solo.  However, a high quality HDMI port is included with the controller so that you can attach your mobile device to it and view great pictures on your own device.

    4. Each app is different for each drone.  The app for the Solo is impressive indeed, allowing for what 3DR refers to as "Smart Shots".  See below for more information on Smart Shots technology.

    5. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!  Nobody else offers it.  This is money back even if it's just because you don't like it. 

What is the Total Startup Cost for the 3DR Solo?

The 3DR Solo Drone sells for $999.  However, that does not include a gimbal or a camera.  The gimbal sells for $399.  If you have a GoPro camera already, then that will be all you need, making the total cost $1,399.  If you need to purchase a GoPro camera that will most likely cost between $200 and $500 depending on your selection.  This would bring the total startup cost to between $1,600 and $1900.

Where do I buy a GoPro camera?  Which ones will work with the Solo?

Currently VH Drones does not sell GoPro cameras.  However, you can purchase one directly from the GoPro site here.  The Hero 3, 3+, and 4 will all be fully functional with the Solo.

What are "Smart Shots"?

The group of features on the Solo that allow the pilot to caputre amazing footage very easily are collectively referred to as "Smart Shots" by 3DR.  They inlcude:

  1. Cable Cam.  On the Solo app you can give Solo starting and ending points.  Solo will be locked on a virtual cable wire flying back and forth between those two points.  This allows the pilot to focus on getting great camera footage since the drone is essentially on auto-pilot.

  2. Orbit.  Using the Solo app you can have Solo fly around the object.  You can adjust the speed, direction, and radius as Solo allows you to capture amazing video!

  3. Selfie.  Position Solo on the ground with the camera facing you.  Tap "Selfie" on the Solo app.  Solo will lift up and away keeping its focus on you.  After it reaches it maximum altitude it will fly back to you and land, creating some sweet Selfie footage!

  4. Follow.  In "Folllow" mode Solo will lock on to your mobile device (which must remained connected to the controller) and follow you wherever you go!