My Personal Test of Yuneec Customer Service (Part 3)

I must begin this post with my most sincere and profuse apology. It's been over a month since I got my Typhoon H back from Yuneec and I'm incredibly late getting finishing up my report on my experience with Yuneec's customer support. (If you missed it, check out Part 1 and Part 2).

I did, in fact, get my Typhoon H back from Yuneec on July 25th. It had the following note attached:

Yuneec Typhoon H Repair Notification

It's clear that they replaced the GPS circuit board and then inspected and flight tested the bird to ensure it was ready to go.

Flight Test

I had to wait a few days after the return shipment arrived for the weather to clear up so I could take the repaired Typhoon H for a test flight. Which I finally did on July 30. I knew the Yuneec technician had flown my drone in California so it was critical that I perform a compass calibration before flight, and I did so in accordance with Yuneec’s instructions.

I got the Typhoon H airborne with no difficulty and it seemed to be flying much better than before. There was minimal drift in a hover and the altitude held steady. However, when I raised the landing gear, I noticed a quick yellow/orange flash in the main indicator light, indicating that the Typhoon H compass required calibration. I immediately landed, removed the props, and completed another calibration. On my second attempt, the yellow/orange flash returned. I repeated the fly-calibrate cycle multiple times but never could get the calibration required indication to go away and I gave up when my battery got low.

After the flight, I looked around the area I was flying (my back yard) and noticed that it was ringed with power lines. I also remember that there are quite a few buried power lines under the yard. Based on this, I decided to try another flight in a more wide-open location.

Flight Test (Take 2)

I calibrated my Typhoon H again, this time in the middle of an open field. Again, upon raising the landing gear, I got the yellow/orange flash. I landed, and this time I calibrated both the compass and the accelerometer calibration. When this was complete, I took the drone flying again. This time, the flash was finally gone and the drone flew great. There's no documentation that suggests the yellow/orange flash could mean the accelerometer is out of calibration, and it's entirely possible that the second compass calibration was what fixed it. In any case, the dual calibration got me going again and for that I was happy.


In the end, I was without my drone for 25 days, but not out any money, and I got back a working Typhoon H. It wasn't an experience I would have chosen, but Yuneec did a fine job of resolving my issues and were always polite and helpful. I hope if you ever have an issue with your drone, you'll have a similar experience, if not better.

Fly safe!


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