My Personal Test of Yuneec Customer Service (Part 2)

Some of you may be following my progress with Yuneec Customer Service. If you didn't read part one of this series, it might help this post make more sense. For the rest of you, here's an update:


So, I was beginning to wonder. I packaged up my Typhoon H and ST16 (I kept everything else) and sent them off to Yuneec on July 1st. I got a notification from UPS that the package was accepted by "Lopez" on July 8th. I was expecting some kind of notification from Yuneec which I eventually got via the following two emails on July 18th:


Hello Mr. Montgomery,

This message is to inform you that we have received your product . 

Thank you for being a part of the Yuneec Family

Yuneec Repair Department


This message is to inform you that your inspection is in progress. Our highly trained technicians will be putting your product through our carefully designed multiple point inspection. This is to ensure the repair was successful and your product is functioning correctly.

Have a Yuneec Day


At this point, I was a bit worried since I was told it would be 2-3 weeks from the time they received my Typhoon H before it was fixed. Did that mean it's going to be 2-3 weeks from July 18th? Thankfully, no.

On July 19th I got this email:

Thank you for shopping at Yuneec USA Inc..
Your order has been fulfilled.
Order Summary:

Brief Description
YUNTYHBUS 1 Typhoon H RTF in Colorbox w/ST16, CGO3+, 1 Battery (US plug) with wizard   $0.00
YUNTYH116SVC 1 Typhoon H GPS Module Circuit Board (Authorized Service Use Only) $39.99 $39.99
Discount ($39.99)
Total $0.00


Apparently, the GPS Module was bad and had to be replaced.

In the end, Yuneec had my Typhoon H for 11 days and it's on it's way back. I should have it back on Monday, 25 days after I first reported the problem, with 2 weeks of that time being shipping from VA to CA and back.

I'll give you one more update when I get a chance to fly it and let you know how it's working.

Fly Safe!


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  • Rafael Concepcion on

    Let me guess, it didn’t get fixed and your still dealing with the issue for over a month?

  • James Montgomery on


    I got it back on Monday as expected. I haven’t had a chance to test fly it yet. Hopefully this weekend. I’ll post Part 3 as soon as I fly it.


  • Mauro on

    hello my friend…
    did you received already your H ?

    you noticed any difference ?


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