Yuneec Typhoon H Tips and Resources

The Yuneec Typhoon H is relatively easy to use. The documentation is good and Yuneec customer support is very helpful. But the documentation doesn’t cover everything and you don’t want to have to call Yuneec for every issue you have as you get used to flying this amazing drone. We have consolidated the answers to … Read more

3DR Solo Drone Information

What makes the 3DR Solo Different? The thing that really differentiates the 3DR Solo from other drones is the camera.  All other major manufacturers have chosen to build their drones around their own cameras.  3DR decided to build the Solo around the GoPro camera platform and, thus, the Solo is integrated and fully compatible with … Read more

Simple Drone Terms

VH Drones Glossary of Terms Types of Drones Ready to Fly (RTF) – This type of drone package comes equipped with everything you need to fly it.  It does not mean that it comes with a camera or gimbal.  Bind to Fly (BNF) – This type of drone package will not come with a controller.  You will … Read more

Tips for New (or Aspiring) Drone Pilots

We get a lot of questions from people who are just starting or are interested in getting started in the drone hobby. So we’ve put together this drone guide to help you. It contains tips, tricks, and advice that should make your foray into the exciting world of drones more enjoyable. When Buying Cheaper doesn’t … Read more